I love to travel. However, this love would not be so much if I kept it all to myself. So, each day of my travels I email four very good friends, to get my thoughts and observations off my chest. One of those friends has suggested that I do a blog. I thought that it would be egocentric to tell the world at large about what I’ve been upto. However, having avidly followed the adventures of the Well Red Wanderer, Miss Kelsey Jean Schutte, whom I am proud to call a friend, I think that maybe people might be interested, as long as I get the style correct. So, here goes, and thankyou to anyone who takes the trouble to read.

Drayltonboy? Well, I live in Drighlington, and I am sure that back in the day, the posh folk would have pronounced in “Draylton”. So, there you have it.